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Our Story

Dr. Geeta Grewal, a renowned Celebrity Cosmetologist, is the visionary founder behind our brand. With a firm belief in harnessing the power of nature, Dr. Geeta advocates for skincare ingredients sourced from the safest and most potent natural sources.

Drawing from over a decade of experience in skincare product analysis, Dr. Geeta observed challenges faced by her patients with existing premium brands – from inconsistent results to the complexity of multi-product applications. Determined to offer a solution, she embarked on formulating her own HIGH-PERFORMANCE SKINCARE RANGE.

Designed to be both cost-effective and streamlined, Dr. Geeta's skincare range offers single-application results with minimal combinations tailored to individual skin concerns. Our premium products are luxuriously light, seamlessly blending with your skin, giving the feel as if it's your second skin and delivering the promised results from the very first use. Experience the epitome of premium skincare as you apply our products, and revel in the transformative results they bring.

Our Vision:

At 9Muses, we believe in procedures that offer natural-looking surgical level results with non-surgical treatments and minimal invasive procedures. Therefore, we aim to help our clients achieve the results they desire and consult us for in the first place.

Our Expertise

Dr. Geeta Grewal is an expert in cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Facial Contouring, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Dermal Fillers, Mini Liposuction for stubborn fat pockets, Fat Grafting, Collagen Induction Treatments, and other cosmetic treatments.

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We believe in giving holistic care to our patients and performing procedures that don’t make our patients look artificial. Choose Dr. Geeta Grewal if you’re looking for the best aesthetic treatment in Gurugram or Delhi NCR. Visit 9Muses Wellness Clinic on Golf Course Road, Gurugram, now!