Wish to achieve a stronger, well-defined chin? Tired of the chin crease and wish to
eliminate the same? Thanks to the advanced cosmetic procedure like non-surgical chin augmentation, you can
enhance your overall look by simply adding more volume and creating symmetry around the chin area. With our
professional treatment of chin augmentation with fillers, you can look forward to receiving instant results
without going under the knife.

Non-surgical chin augmentation by our cosmetology experts involves the use of dermal fillers
to enhance the shape, projection, or size of the chin. It is a popular cosmetic procedure for both men &
women who wish to improve the overall appearance from the profile view. With the best facial cosmetology in Gurgaon at 9Muses, you can achieve
youthful beauty with a chin lift without surgery.

What is Chin Augmentation Treatment?

Non-surgical chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to correct or enhance the shape of
the chin without any surgery. The shape or size of the chin is modified by using injectable dermal fillers. Dr.
Geeta Grewal, a renowned cosmetologist in Gurgaon, meticulously places the dermal fillers underneath your chin
skin to change its contour and add more volume. At 9 muses, we practise non-invasive, non-surgical chin
augmentation to precisely sculpt a beautiful chin shape.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation Treatment

    1. Improved Facial view from all angles

For most clients, a recessed chin might result in facial imbalance. As our experienced
practitioners work towards harmonizing the features with chin augmentation, you can expect improved
appearance from all possible angles, particularly the side view.

    1. Natural-looking Results

Chin treatment results appear quite natural. During the initial consultation stage with
Dr. Grewal, a renowned dermatologist and cosmetologist in Gurgaon, we will examine your chin and aesthetic
objectives to impart the most effective and natural outcomes.

    1. Aesthetically Pleasing Jaw

Chin injections with the help of dermal fillers not only improve the look of the chin
but also the appearance of the jawline. It is because the underlying structure of the chin is improved as

    1. Reversible Treatment

Our professional range of dermal fillers treatment is completely reversible. If
you do not like what you are seeing, it can be reversed easily.

    1. Safe, Minimally Invasive Procedure

Non-surgical chin lift service is completely safe and minimally invasive. Our experts
use dermal fillers to offer you an instant boost along the chin area. As there is no involvement of surgery,
you can achieve instant results without any discomfort.

Candidates Fit for Chin Augmentation Treatment

    1. Weak Chin & Jaw

      A weak chin or jaw can have a significant impact on your face. As the area is
      strengthened by our cosmetic professionals by injecting dermal fillers, it helps in the creation of a more
      attractive and balanced look

    2. General Facial Aging

As we age, we seldom think of our chin. However, a poorly defined chin is a common sign
of aging that could impart years to your overall appearance. A chin lift with dermal fillers can create a
highly distinct jaw to revitalize the entire face.

    1. Smaller Nose

While it is true that non-surgical chin augmentation cannot change the shape of your
nose, it can still make it appear quite smaller. By improving the chin prominence, the nose will instantly
fit in with other facial features.

How Chin Augmentation Treatment Works?


Before the non-invasive procedure, you can visit us for initial consultation with our team
of skincare and cosmetology experts. During the initial consultation, Dr. Grewal will carefully examine the face
while taking measurements to determine how your chin can be modified with injectable fillers. Our experienced
practitioners will also determine the exact locations to inject the facial fillers while offering you an idea of
how your overall profile will improve after the treatment.


Dr. Grewal and her team start the process by applying a numbing ointment to minimize any
discomfort. Then, our practitioners will inject the selected filler carefully into identified locations across
your chin area. As the results are quite immediate, our experts can continue injecting the fillers until the
desired results are achieved.


Until the day after injecting chin fillers, you should avoid applying makeup to the chin
area. It is also recommended to refrain from lying down with pressure on your chin. For the first 24 hours after
your chin augmentation treatment, you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or working out. To help you out,
our expert professionals will guide you through detailed instructions on proper aftercare to ensure optimal
healing and the best outcomes.

Why Choose 9Muses for Chin Augmentation Treatment?

9Muses is the best cosmetology and dermatology clinic in Gurgaon for chin augmentation. You
can book an initial consultation with Dr. Grewal to understand the process in depth. We are committed to
leveraging the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism when it comes to delivering the desired results.

Book your non-surgical chin augmentation treatment in Gurgaon with 9Muses to uplift your chin and embrace more youthful

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