Non Surgical Jawline Contouring in Gurgaon

A well-defined jawline is indeed an attractive feature. If you are fearful of a drooping jawline, double chin, or simply wish to achieve a flawlessly smooth and defined jawline, our professional range of non-surgical jawline contouring treatment is your go-to remedy. Non-invasive jawline contouring is a famous cosmetic dermal fillers treatment that makes use of dermal fillers to achieve the desired outcomes. Jawline dermal or facial fillers work by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines while imparting your face a more youthful appearance.

When you choose non-invasive jawline contouring treatment from Dr. Geeta Grewal, an esteemed skin cosmetologist in Gurgaon, you can be assured of affirmative and life-changing results. If you are new to the field of cosmetic treatments, let us guide you through the comprehensive non-surgical jawline contouring treatment at 9Muses.

What is Non-surgical Jawline Contouring?

Non-invasive jawline contouring is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that offers your jawline a highly refined look. At 9Muses, our team of experienced skincare experts injects dermal fillers to add volume to your jaw. The facial fillers injected underneath your skin plump up your skin. As a result, you achieve smoother-looking skin that is more youthful.

Benefits of Non-surgical Jawline Contouring

Non-surgical jawline contouring, involving dermal fillers in the chin and jawline, can create a more defined, stronger facial profile. Additionally, when you undergo our professional range of non-invasive jawline or chin contouring treatment, you can attain the following benefits:

  • Creation of a more defined jawline
  • Improved appearance of the weak chin
  • Improved facial balance and symmetry
  • Provision of natural-looking results
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Non-surgical cosmetic treatment with little or no downtime
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Monetary savings as it costs less than a typical cosmetic surgery

When you avail revolutionary non-invasive jawline contouring treatment from 9Muses, you will observe that results are almost immediate while lasting for several months. Our experienced cosmetologist injects Juvederm Voluma XC dermal filler – one of the most effective injectables for jawline slimming. We use hyaluronic acid facial filler that is FDA-approved. Therefore, in terms of the benefits of our non-surgical treatment, lost volume in skin is restored and wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out.

Candidates Fit for Non-surgical Jawline Contouring

Non-surgical jaw contouring is an ideal option for candidates who wish to enhance and redefine the jawline without undergoing the complicated surgical treatment procedures. Our advanced dermal fillers are suitable for both men & women of all age groups, as long as you remain in good health while possessing realistic expectations of the procedure.

Through our dermal fillers treatment for jaw contouring, you can expect the procedure to:

  • Offer your jawline a sharp angle
  • Create a highly defined separation between your neck and jaw
  • Add volume to the jawline
  • Make the jawline appear more symmetrical
  • Smoothen out fine lines in the jaw
  • Minimize the effects of aging like wrinkles or sagging skin

Non-surgical Jawline Contouring Procedure


Before the non-invasive jawline contouring treatment, our skincare expert will go through your face and discuss your aesthetic goals. With this information, our team of experienced professionals will determine the best filler type and amount of cosmetic fillers that is right for you. We also help you determine the exact locations and depth of the injections. Our skincare specialists might also take pictures to reveal before-and-after outcomes.

Before the cosmetic procedure, our experienced cosmetologists will also review all possible after-care processes to be taken care of. You will be guided on what to expect with respect to recovery and results. Before you sit down for the treatment, make sure you make our experts know about the following:

  • Specific skin conditions
  • Allergies
  • Use of nicotine
  • Medications and supplements


Our professional cosmetic procedure might take around half an hour to complete. At 9Muses, Dr. Geeta Grewal -a renowned cosmetologist in Gurgaon, handles the treatment herself to assure the best results. Our skincare team will cleanse your skin before the procedure while applying a numbing anesthetic lotion.

For injecting dermal fillers, our skincare expert will use a thin needle to inject smaller amounts of cosmetic fillers containing hyaluronic acid underneath your jaw skin. Throughout the process, our cosmetic specialists always prioritize your comfort.


Right after the non-invasive jawline contouring treatment, it is pivotal to follow specific aftercare instructions. Our skincare experts might advise on using soothing lotions or products while avoiding excessive exposure to direct sunlight. Under the guidance of Dr. Grewal, our experts will offer detailed instructions on proper treatment aftercare to ensure optimal healing.

Why Choose 9Muses for Non-surgical Jawline Contouring?

At 9Muses -the best cosmetic treatment clinic in Gurgaon, we deliver unmatched non-invasive jawline contouring treatment with desired outcomes. We boast a team of highly qualified and experienced skincare professionals leveraging state-of-the-art skincare equipment and the latest techniques to help you achieve the desired results.

Book your non-surgical jawline contouring treatment at 9Muses today and enhance your inner glow like never before!

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