Microblading Eyebrows Treatment in Gurgaon

Are you tired of eyebrows that are too fine or too thin? Dr. Geeta Grewal at 9Muses is the best cosmetologist and dermatologist offering the best-in-class microblading treatment. In the past few years, the treatment involving microblading eyebrows has gained popularity across the globe. Microblading eyebrows is a popular cosmetic treatment for people having thin eyebrows. It is a type of semi-permanent tattooing involving the application of a specialized pigment to the brow area with the help of needle strokes.

Dr. Grewal excels in the beauty cosmetology in Gurgaon by offering highly professional microblading treatment to those who wish to look more beautiful and elegant with fuller brows. If you are new to the concept of microblading eyebrows treatment, you can reach out to our team of cosmetic experts to know more!

Benefits of Microblading Eyebrows

1.Younger Appearance

As we continue aging, hair naturally tends to thin out and get sparse. The permanent eyebrow treatment will offer a more youthful, polished, and symmetrical look throughout.

2.A Well-Groomed Look Always

The fact that you will always have perfectly groomed and well-shaped eyebrow lines will help you in putting your best face forward at all times, even without makeup. With our revolutionary microblading treatment, you no longer have to worry about getting your brows even while doing your makeup.

3.Long-lasting Effects

Unlike your daily makeup routines and brow shaping, the effects of microblading eyebrows tend to last for at least one year or even more. With a standard touch-up every 12-18 months by our expert team, you can end up looking youthful and more elegant always.

4.Natural-looking Results

When you avail our professional range of microblading treatment in Gurgaon, it becomes impossible to tell the difference between natural eyebrows and microbladed eyebrows. Our talented aestheticians are committed to delivering the best-in-class cosmetic treatment to ensure natural-looking results at all times.

5.Safe, Effective, and Painless Procedure

You can now achieve perfectly-shaped, fuller eyebrows with our non-invasive microblading safe procedure. Our microblading treatment is completely safe without any side effects.

Candidates Fit for Microblading Treatment

Before you advance for the cosmetic treatment, our experienced practitioners will examine your skin around the eyebrows to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Here are some pointers to consider:

1.Skin Complications

If your skin is prone to skin-specific conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and keratosis pilaris, chances are that your skin undergoes constant shedding. In this case, tattooing will not hold the pigment effectively.

2.Chronic Conditions

The same applies for chronic conditions like rosacea and chronic acne. In these conditions, your skin might bleed easily. This again implies that your skin might not retain the pigment.

3.Skin Type

Our aestheticians also consider your skin type to determine the best procedure for the microblading treatment. It is important to take caution if you have hypersensitive or very thin skin.

Microblading Eyebrows Procedure


The first step to permanent eyebrows treatment is in-depth consultation with Dr. Geeta Grewal, a renowned cosmetologist, and her expert dermatology team. During the consultation, our aesthetic expert will discuss the desired look while assessing the skin type and color to determine the best pigments to be used. Before our skin experts conduct the cosmetic procedure, our experts will clean your eyebrows and apply a numbing cream to minimize any discomfort.


With the help of a handheld tattooing tool featuring fine microblades, our experienced microblading treatment expert will deposit the desired pigments into your skin to create hair-like strokes. The shape and color of the strokes will be effectively adjusted as per the requirement to ensure a natural look.


Once the procedure is complete, the eyebrows are cleaned and covered with a protective lotion or ointment. Our professional cosmeticians will offer instructions on proper aftercare, including avoiding excessive sweating and water. You are also advised to apply a special ointment for a particular period of time.

Why Choose 9Muses for Microblading Eyebrows?

Our experts with several years of experience deliver the highest level of precision as well as safety for our clients. Dr. Geeta Grewal, a renowned cosmetologist in Gurgaon, creates the most natural-looking eyebrows for complimenting your face flawlessly.

Book your microblading treatment at 9Muses today and flaunt your beautiful, well-shaped eyebrows every day!

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