Is Your Face Wash Damaging Your Skin?

Is Your Face Wash Damaging Your Skin?

Check out the subtle signs that your face cleanser does not suit your skin!

Facial cleanser is good skincare routine

A facial cleanser is the first step of a good skincare routine. A face wash suited for your skin type is the best way to begin a healthy routine with double cleansing!

“A cleanser is the very first product that you use on your skin so it is very important to choose the right kind of cleanser. Apart from removing the surface impurities and cleaning the face, the cleanser also helps in controlling the excess sebum production, strengthens the skin barrier and also prevents premature aging. But all these benefits can only be enjoyed if the cleanser that you are using is not affecting your skin in a bad way,” says Dr. Geeta Grewal, cosmetic surgeon, beauty and wellness expert, 9Muses Wellness Clinic, Gurugram.

Dr. Grewal shares some signs that you could be using the wrong face wash:

Your skin feels drier than the Sahara desert

The purpose of a cleanser is to make your skin feel soft and clean, not dry and taut. If your cleanser is leaving your skin feeling tight or dry after washing, it’s a sign that it is damaging your skin and you should change it. The dryness and tightness indicate that the cleanser is stripping away all the natural oils from your skin disturbing the ph balance.

Dr. Grewals says, “People with oily skin do best with gel-based cleanser as it cleans out pores and strip away excess oil. For dry skin, oil-infused cleansers are recommended as it helps to maintain the ph balance of the skin. Cleanser with calming ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber and clay is good for sensitive skin.”

Skin sensitivity and redness

If you are witnessing redness or sensitivity post facewash, then your cleanser is damaging your skin as it is causing problems in your skin barrier which can further lead to other skin issues like dullness, dark spots, and pigmentation.

You are getting more acne

Regular use of correct cleanser removes impurities, restores lost hydration and leaves the skin soft and supple. But if your cleanser is causing harm to your skin, it will make your skin dry and will disturb the skin barrier. As a result, your skin will start producing excess oil to compensate for the lost moisture which will attract more impurities, clogging pores and will finally lead to breakouts

You can spot premature wrinkles

Skincare routine consists of CTM where C stands for cleansing and a good cleanser leads to soft and supple skin. However, the wrong cleanser pushes your skin to excessive dryness and compromised skin barrier which leaves the skin more prone to environmental damage from free radicals. This causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear faster which results in premature aging. So your cleanser is also responsible for premature aging if it’s not suitable for your skin.