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    Temple fillers in Gurgaon

    Temple fillers help to revolumise and restore hollow temples, this one we did with a needle, can be done with a cannula as well. Hollow temples make you look way older to your age, temple fillers rejuvenate the temple area give a lift to eyebrows, and improves the rest of the face as well by giving a very pleasant lifting effect correction of nasolabial folds and jowls more lifted cheeks as well. Temple filling usually needs 2-3 ml we take care to blend the zones of the upper face and mid-face so the interzonal transition is smooth looks most natural. If you don’t fluctuate on your body weight you hold on to fillers results much longer, longest I have seen in my practice is 3years for temple fillers. #templefillers #beauty #antiaging #beautydoctor #wellness #health

    Aging faces show natural volume loss in various parts like the brow, cheeks, Undereye and temples. Sunken temples give your face a very thin and gaunt appearance causes an eyebrow to sag prematurely. Fillers can be used to restore the volume in this depressed sunken area.

    We at 9 Muses Wellness Clinic address the face as a complete unit to restore balance and repair all areas of the face including cheeks brows Undereye nasolabial marionette perioral area to give complete facial rejuvenation that improves facial balance and structure creates a healthier youthful balanced more rested appearance.

    Frequently asked questions about Temple fillers treatment: –

    Q How long do temple fillers augmentation improvements last?

    Ans: HA fillers used in temple areas are high-density fillers that last longer usually 1-2 years longest benefit that I have seen is 3 years.

    Q What are the risk involved in Temple Fillers?

    Ans: your doctor should be experienced in the anatomy of the temple area and injectable anatomy in this zone to deliver safe and effective results.

    Q What is the downtime with temple fillers?

    Ans: HA fillers for temple augmentation give instant results usually it’s only one prick on each side sometimes it could to 2 pricks on each side depending on the amount of loss in temples leading to sunken temples. Results are immediate and you have no downtime, you can resume your work immediately following treatment.