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Temple fillers

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    Temple fillers in Gurgaon

    Temple fillers help to revolumise and restore hollow temples, this one we did with a needle, can be done with a cannula as well. Hollow temples make you look way older to your age, temple fillers rejuvenate the temple area give a lift to eyebrows, and improves the rest of the face as well by giving a very pleasant lifting effect correction of nasolabial folds and jowls more lifted cheeks as well. Temple filling usually needs 2-3 ml we take care to blend the zones of the upper face and mid-face so the interzonal transition is smooth looks most natural. If you don’t fluctuate on your body weight you hold on to fillers results much longer, longest I have seen in my practice is 3years for temple fillers. #templefillers #beauty #antiaging #beautydoctor #wellness #health