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Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring

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    Jawline Contouring in Gurgaon

    The contour of the jawline can change the entire look of someone’s face. A strong jaw is often associated with both masculinity and femininity, as well as youth and beauty. For patients who have a naturally weak jawline or signs of sagging jowls and excess fat in the lower face and neck, the opportunity to achieve a more structured jaw can be appealing. Even more exciting is the ability to reach this goal without undergoing an invasive surgical procedure. 9 Muses Wellness Clinic in Gurgaon, is proud to offer nonsurgical jawline contouring treatment through the use of injectable dermal fillers. When executed properly by a licensed and experienced injector, this cutting-edge technique can produce dramatic and long-lasting results for patients seeking a stronger jawline.


    What is nonsurgical jawline contouring?

    Nonsurgical jawline contouring is a cosmetic Beauty Customization Lab procedure that uses injectable dermal fillers to add volume to the jaw, sculpting the contour of the lower face. While adding volume in order to achieve more definition may seem counterintuitive, the process is indeed effective. The slight increase in volume can enhance the jawline’s existing structure, build a stronger jawline, and create more separation between the jawline, the neck, and other facial structures, giving the jawline a more significant contour.


    Which filler is used for nonsurgical jawline contouring?

    While there are a variety of injectable dermal fillers that can be useful in jawline contouring, one of the most popular and effective choices is Juvéderm® Voluma XC. This hyaluronic acid filler is FDA-approved for adding volume to the face. It is typically used to restore lost volume in the cheeks and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. When used strategically by a skilled injector, Juvéderm Voluma can help create a stunning, well-defined jawline.

    In some cases, cosmetic fillers Restylane® and Sculptra® can be used in jawline contouring. The best way to determine which filler will be most effective in helping you achieve your specific goals is to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable injectors at 9 Muses Wellness Clinic. During your initial appointment, your provider will assess your case, discuss your goals, explain your options, answer your questions, and recommend a filler or multiple products that will best fit your needs.


    Can fillers help with a double chin?

    Many patients considering injectable fillers for jawline contouring also have associated concerns such as a double chin, excess neck fat, or sagging jowls. Fortunately, there are several nonsurgical treatment options offered at 9 Muses Wellness Clinic to address these concerns.

    The popular wrinkle relaxer BOTOX® is highly effective in enhancing the jaw and the overall look of the face. Though it is not a filler, BOTOX is a useful tool in jawline contouring that works by relaxing the masseter muscle. This results in a trimmer appearance of the lower face. For patients suffering from jaw-related issues including TMJ and teeth grinding, symptoms such as chronic headaches, pain, and poor sleep can be debilitating. The use of BOTOX in the jaw area can relieve many of these issues by relaxing certain muscles in the area. Your injector can give you more information about the added benefits of combining BOTOX with your jawline filler.

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