EXCLUSIVE: Face Oil vs Face Serums: Know the correct usage of both the holy grails of skincare

EXCLUSIVE: Face Oil vs Face Serums: Know the correct usage of both the holy grails of skincare

To know the right usage of both, it’s essential that we understand the difference between a face oil and face serum.

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When we comprehend the difference between the two, we can make an informed purchase depending upon the need of the skin. Both the products come in a glass bottle with a dropper or pump for easy application. It’s essential to wash your hands properly before using these products to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The purpose of face oil is to nourish, protect and moisturise the skin, whereas face serum has a targeted use of skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne, irritation, redness and fine lines. Since face serum serves a particular skin concern, therefore face serums are more expensive than face oils.

Face serums are more concentrated and contain ingredients including antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which affect the functions of the skin. It gets absorbed in the skin within some seconds of application because the molecules present in face serums are small.

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Face oils are designed to protect the skin from various environmental conditions like change in weather and temperature. It retains moisture and provides antioxidants and vitamins to the skin despite the weather conditions. It is thicker consistency demands a lot of massage in the skin so that it gets absorbed and protects the skin. Applying face oil is the last step in your skincare routine and it also provides a shield to the face serum from evaporating from the skin.

A face serum contains moisturising ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and in such a case, one doesn’t need face oil. But sometimes cosmetologists still suggest using face oil so that the face serum with Hyaluronic Acid doesn’t evaporate from the dryer skin. Face oil is essential to control the anti-ageing woes of the skin because after a certain age, especially from the late 30s, the production of the skin’s own natural oil decreases. This is when we need face oil to compensate for the discrepancy in natural skin oil production. People with oily or combination skin, often feel using face oil is not necessary. However, one should still use face oil so that it can lock in moisture and protect the skin, keeping it consistently healthy and hydrated.

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As a cosmetologist, I would recommend using both the product as a part of the skincare regimen. The main benefit of using both products is they will not only address a particular skin issue but also revitalize the skin as a whole. Face oil should be taken 2 to 6 drops depending upon your skin type and apply it on your face and neck. It should be applied after toning and moisturizing your skin so that it can trap moisture. Massage it gently on the face and neck. It’s more effective when you apply it in the evening. After choosing the face serum according to your skin issue, apply 3 to 5 drops widely on the skin. It should be applied before moisturiser and oil but after cleaning and toning. Use it once a day, either in the morning or evening according to your wish.

About the author: Dr. Geeta Grewal, Cosmetic Surgeon, Beauty and Wellness Expert, 9Muses Wellness Clinic, Gurugram

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