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Dermal Fillers Treatment in Gurgaon

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Dermal fillers in Gurgaon

Dermal fillers in Gurgaon

Dermal fillers in Gurgaon A correct diagnosis of an aging face, an advanced technique of repair with fillers. The 3D technique of placing fillers in a correct precise location, repairing all zones of the face also popular as global repair with fillers, creating harmony and balance which is perceived as beauty. This immediate after (2hrs) later with no downtime is nothing less to a miracle.

About Dermal fillers

Fillers are made up of hydrophilic (water loving ) hyaluronic acid which is cross-linked by various patented techniques (differentiation between Juvederm and Reatylane range of fillers.

Variable cross linking and G prime of fillers help doctors to decide which product to use most effectively according to the diagnosis of face.

Fillers help to strengthen and boost collagen and elastin in skin hence improving skin elasticity, resilience skin tone and skin health.

Fillers help to give that glow Dewy smooth look to skin also helps in shrinking open pores acne scars and pits.

Fillers injected under skin helps to correct deep folds and wrinkles.

Fillers injected deep on bone imitate bony support if you have a weak bony support in mid face or jawline chin, fillers can help to create these deep support enhancing your facial aesthetics by bringing harmony and balance to face.

Facial diagnosis is reached with studying face in it’s aesthetic ratios and bringing the face close to golden ratio helps to bring the balance and harmony to face. Well balance face is perceived as beautiful.

human face beauty and golden ratio treatment in gurgaon

The procedure of fillers injection

Face is double cleansed Application of numbing cream for 40 minutes, we also use block anaesthesia to make it painless experience.

We use Needle or Cannulas to place fillers into desired location after a thorough diagnosis. post-treatment cream and post-treatment advice is given.

All treatments are customized to your facial diagnosis and care is taken to deliver natural-looking results so you don’t look done up.

Filler treatments deliver instant results.

If you choose full face global rejuvenation the post treatment results are amazing as you look rested rejuvenated balanced healthy
And beautiful instantly.

If you don’t fluctuate on body weight you hold on to filler results for long . Natural looking results last for 12-18- 24 months depending on individual and area treated.

Fillers also help to build collagen and restore skin health.
Fillers are metabolized by body slowly and they integrate well with tissues.

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