Are You Eligible for the Microblading Treatment for Perfect Brows

Are You Eligible for the Microblading Treatment for Perfect Brows

Eyebrows are undeniably one of the most striking features of your face. They serve as the focal point of the latest trends in the world of beauty. Whether you prefer bold or thick eyebrows, or something precise and arched, everyone across the globe is in the race to ace the ‘eyebrow game.’

While you might dream of perfectly-shaped eyebrows, chances are that you aspire for the model-esque eyebrows that celebrities boast. Are you tired of brushing and shaping your eyebrows every single day?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure on eyebrows performed with a hand tattooing tool with fine micro-blades. It is a blessing for those who wish to correct or reconstruct lost or thinning eyebrows in the most natural way. Voila-brows on fleek! With the best-in-class microblading treatment offered at 9muses in Gurgaon, you can get fuller and beautiful brows that you have always dreamt of.

But before your doubts flood in, let us explain who the best fit for microblading treatment are.

Skin Type and Suitability for Microblading

The microblading eyebrow treatment is done using a microblading eyebrow pen that finely implants feather-weight strokes on the top layer of the skin, creating a natural-looking eyebrow hair strokes. The process surely does give desired results, but it is equally crucial to understand whether or not you are the right candidate for the microblading treatment.

If you are attracted to the concept of microblading eyebrows wherein you can get beautiful eyebrows in one go, you might still be wondering, “Is microblading treatment right for me?”

There are several factors to consider – including age, skin type, sensitivity to certain products or treatments, and the overall quality of your skin. All of these factors should be considered while determining the efficiency of microblading eyebrow treatment.

When you opt for different microblading styles for your eyebrows, here are some skin-related aspects to consider:

  1. State of the Skin

  2. Is your skin sensitive? There are higher chances that it gets irritated easily. A great way to understand whether or not your skin is sensitive is if it is prone to turning red quite easily -even from a slight scratch. In case your skin features large pores, especially around your forehead or eyebrow areas, the color of the microblading process might blur.

    At the same time, tattooed hair strokes might not reflect properly in case of wrinkled skin. The presence of piercing, bumps, moles, and raised skin around your eyebrows will also not retain the color of the treatment.

  3. Skin Type

  4. Do you fall under the category of the Fitzpatrick type of skin (the one featuring a redhead with thin & translucent skin and light eyes)? Unsurprisingly, your skin will be hypersensitive. In this case as well, your skin will not be able to retain the color of the microblading eyebrow process.

    The same theory is applicable when you generally have thin skin. It might end up bleeding easily and not retaining microblading color.

  5. Sunburn on Skin

  6. Are you looking forward to getting the benefits of the microblading eyebrow treatment with a tan or sunburn? Skin experts like Dr. Geeta Grewal suggest that it is best to wait until your skin has resumed its natural color or tone. Before getting the microblading eyebrow procedure, it is recommended to wait for your skin to heal completely.

  7. Previous Permanent Makeup

  8. Have you previously had any type of permanent makeup treatment on your skin? You might consider fixing or changing the previous one before opting for the microblading treatment. You can consider selecting the option of laser makeup removal before the microblading procedure. As you approach a reliable cosmetology clinic like 9Muses, it is recommended to always disclose such information to help the artist treat your skin properly.

Considerations for Individuals with Specific Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions that can stop you from undertaking this cosmetic treatment. Some pointers to consider are:

  1. Individuals with Major Heart Problems

  2. During the microblading treatment, the artist might make use of some numbing agent. It might increase your heart rate and the overall complications.

  3. Individuals Having Lupus

  4. The overall risk of developing an infection is significantly higher in individuals having a compromised immune system.

  5. Individuals with Specific Types of Skin-related Diseases or Infections

  6. Some of the skin-related conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, or Rosacea, might compromise the texture and surface of the skin. When the microblading procedure is executed on a skin with any of these conditions, it might have an adverse impact.

  7. Discussing Age Restriction and Parental Consent for Younger Candidates

  8. Even in the case of parental permission, skin experts at any renowned cosmetic clinic will not be able to perform the microblading treatment procedure on any individual younger than 18 years of age.


Microblading eyebrows serves to be a great solution for all those dreaming of achieving the perfect eyebrows without the hassle of spending hours applying makeup every day. The treatment encompasses the creation of natural-looking, eyebrow hair-like strokes directly on the skin. The results can last up to around two years if given adequate after-care.

While you have to consider specific factors while opting for the microblading treatment, the risks can be significantly minimized when you select a highly trained and certified cosmetologist in gurgaon like Dr. Geeta Grewal. 9Muses has the right team of experts and relevant professionalism to take ample care of your skin while providing personalized solutions on the go.