Anti-Aging With Fillers

Anti-Aging With Fillers Treatment in Gurgaon

Anti-Aging With Fillers

Anti-Aging With Fillers 

Fillers are the most advanced most incredible most powerful tool for anti-aging. Most of the other treatments various light and energy devices require repeated treatments and give results over a period of time that is usually in weeks after treatment is done.

Fillers are the only solution or option in anti-aging which gives instant results that too with no downtime. These walk-in in-clinic procedures have the power of making you look like a goddess when placed correctly and make you look like an alien if placed incorrectly. 

Avoid the wrong procedure of anti-aging treatments with fillers.

On face let me tell you just a small mm misplaced product has the power to make or break the results.  

The biggest mistake most doctors are doing is by taking these incredible treatments lightly. Just injecting one zone of the face like only cheeks or only lips is another big mistake. What happens when you inject just one zone you anti-clock or anti-age that particular area leaving the rest of the facial zones unattended. 

These unattended zones of the face which were aging the same or with some gap now develop a huge gap compared to the repaired zone. On one face if one zone (eg cheeks ) is younger compared to the other zone (eg around the eyes) this now creates more disharmony on the face making the treated face look odd rather than looking better. 

Having seen so many patients with over botoxed forehead overfilled cheeks and lips that means only these three areas are treated again and again over a period of time rest of the face which speeds up aging gets in different ages compared to the treated zones.  

This differential treatment creates disharmony on the face taking the facial balance away. It’s highly recommended to always go for full face repair as in when you go for facial to the salon you take full face facial rejuvenation session not just cheeks or forehead. 

The right procedure to do an anti-aging treatment with fillers.

Only a very well-trained doctor with thorough anatomical knowledge sound scientific background can do these advanced facial assessments and only after a correct facial assessment can one plan a full face treatment plan. 

We at 9 Muses Wellness Clinic founded by Dr. Geeta Grewal are one of the most advanced and among the very few and among the first injectors to treat the full face with fillers. 

These procedures are time-consuming as it involves consultation studying or assessment of facial movements mapping the areas with aging and planning treatment in depth. These treatments require deep to superficial repair hence various fillers from the whole range available are used in the repair.

Deep fillers which are place bone-deep are heavy fillers they are more cross-linked compared to fillers injected superficial into the skin. Also, the age of the patient is another important criterion to select the fillers to be used heavy fillers can not be used in thin skin patients else these fillers reflect light and can be seen as a bluish hue called the Tyndall effect in medical terms. 

Fillers are a perfect blend of science and art helping to achieve incredible results creating instant harmony and balance on the face. A balanced harmonious rested calm face is perceived as beautiful. Global or Full face repair of all aging zones on the face recreates the balanced harmony calm beautiful face.