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Anti Aging Treatment In Gurgaon: The 21st century is all about your presence on social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, zoom meetings, parties, and video conferencing. The COVID-19 pandemic means staying indoors, less of self-care, exercises, etc. The need of the hour is to be in touch with your loved ones for moral support, which can be done through social media. Also, social media is a one-stop solution for health, entertainment, and all updates. Because of the habit of speaking to everyone over a video call, facial aesthetics are picking up the pace like never before, and a sharp jawline or well defined lower face is a sign of health fitness and youth. I, Dr. Geeta Grewal, Cosmetic surgeon In GurgaonAnti-aging Treatment In Gurgaon, beauty and wellness expert, will explain how social media trends have shifted focus to face fat, with ways to tackle the situation.

Social media plays a huge role in affecting self-esteem—also, a major drive to work on their bodies for a specific goal. Everyone wants to have a sharp jawline, and no double chin fat or even loose skin around the jawline. In contrast, others lose the sharpness to ageing, which leads to the accumulation of fat and loose skin around the lower face.

Sharp broad jawline with the prominent chin is a sign of masculinity, and sharp jawline with the pointy slim chin is a more feminine feature. 3 D’s that happen with ageing are Descent, Deflation and Deposits effects all of us in varied proportions and variably impacting different zones of face making us look unwell exhausted sad tired or sleep-deprived lazy and unhealthy. Descent, Deposit and Deflation reverse the youthful proportions on a face that is a wider upper face in comparison to lower face.

Non-invasive fat-melting energy

Fat deposits around the jawline and submental ( double chin ) can be tackled with non-invasive non-surgical treatments to minimally invasive procedures. Non-invasive fat-melting energy-based devices melt fat which gets flushed out of our body naturally. There is no pain, no downtime. This procedure needs repeated sessions that are decided by your treating doctor depending on how big a fat pocket you have.

Anti-fat Injections In Gurgaon or lipolysis

Anti-fat injections In Gurgaon or lipolysis injections In Gurgaon work fantastic, causing lysis of ( breaking) fat cells. Usually, 3-4 sessions of multiple tiny pricks with fine needles placing the drug in a fat zone repeated at a gap of 3-4 weeks are sufficient to achieve desirable results. 

Thread Lift 

Thread Lift to lift the loose skin, few firm threads placed deep subcutaneous maintaining asepsis under local anesthetic gives lifting effect also cause lysis of fat cells thus helping in contouring and adding definition to the jawline.

Mini liposuction 

Mini liposuction helps to evacuate extra fat cell deposits around the chin and jawline. This procedure is high on skill and is done in complete asepsis being a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The patient needs to wear an appropriate compression garment post-procedure for a few weeks. For patients who lack bony support who have weak chin and jaw, minimally invasive procedure to recreate robust bony support with injectable fillers can be used to shape chin giving chin lengthening and anterior projection, redefining the jawline and giving the masculine or feminine shape with strategic placement of deep fillers is achievable with no downtime no pain and instant results which patients love and are amused with. These results are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance as ageing is a continuous process.

Scared Of Needles? This Can Also Help

There are many non-surgical ways to reduce face fat and can be contoured like the non-invasive process in which the energy-based devices are used, radiofrequency technology, ultrasonic cavitation where fat cells shrink in size due to breakdown of fat with energy concentration happening within these cells. In general, ultrasound technology is very gentle to the skin when treating stubborn pockets of fat. It involves very little to no discomfort, and repeat sessions are required.

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