Skincare Tips For Combination Skin

Anti Aging Treatment In Gurgaon: By Dr. Geeta Grewal Effective daily skincare routine potentially improves our skin significantly in terms of tone texture and quality. Here we intend to improve your understanding of skin, products and ingredients so you can design your skincare routine addressing specific concerns. Combination skin as the name says has a combination of both dry and oily areas on your face. Skin shows various changes depending on your internal and external environment. As you approach your mid-cycle, you may notice your skin getting more oily and it’s dry on other days.


It is a good idea to start your skincare routine daytime or bedtime with a mild, gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip off your skin with natural oils but cleanse the dirt dead skin pollutants without damaging the skin barrier. Always be gentle, use fingertips and gentle soothing pressure to apply products or cleanser.

Remember to rinse with a lot of lukewarm water and end with a splash of cold water. This technique helps to clean your pores deeply, and cold water will contract the pores after thorough cleansing. You may keep salicylic acid wash for more oily days.

Tone up with hyaluronic acid-based toner rose water too is excellent for combination skin.

Exfoliating once a week is a healthy practice, eggshells crushed to powder and mixed with aloe Vera apply this as a pack for 5-10 minutes and gently wash off while scrubbing. This practice will exfoliate and remove excess oil gently and also decrease inflammation in your skin.

Daytime skincare routines must have vitamin C cream or serum you will have to experiment on this one as few vitamin C serum give acne breakouts. Choose vitamin C with fern Liv acid and vitamin E as this combination gives anti-aging in gurgaon and photoprotective benefits as well. Wearing a moisturizer based sunscreen which is broad-spectrum covers UVA UVB HEV and IR is a must.

Sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are extremely effective as these are physical sunscreen, so they reflect the damaging lights.

Choose a moisturiser which contains AHA, vitamins and antioxidants, berry extract, liquorice extract glycerine for these will supplement nutrition vitamins antioxidants to your skin. Skin is a barrier, and the effective delivery of products is the biggest challenge. Many brands are coming up with nano or liposome technology to overcome this challenge.

Have a good balance of over the counter products and home care kitchen sourced ingredients.

Fillers have revolutionized the field of cosmetic treatment. These products are safe, effective, and result-oriented. Fillers can be used to repair rejuvenate the skin, boost collagen instant plumping effect, replacing fat pads, to recreate the bony support from sharp, well-defined jawline to sharp lifted pointy nose tip all can be achieved with just a few pricks. Tiny multiple pricks in the superficial skin help to plump up thinning elastotic photoaged skin.

Dilute Apple cider vinegar, rice flour powder, and Multani clay mix and apply as a pack for 5-10 minutes gently scrubbing when the mask is wet. Best time to apply mask is before bedtime.

Remember to be gentle and not rub harshly. Pat dry with a face towel. Suppose your skin looks irritated and red use soothing niacinamide with ceramides to soothe and restore the skin barrier.


Combination skin can be a tad bit difficult to manage, especially during season change. Read below to know the recommendations of Dr Geeta Grewal on what yo avoid during this time:

Remember to avoid fragrance and harsh chemicals.

Resveratrol grape seed sesame oil rosemary coconut Shea jojoba oil containing night cream will help to quench the free radicals and boost skin health.

Avoid parabens polyethene glycol ethanolamines aluminium containing products.

Stress pollution mask for long-duration overexposure to artificial lights phone screen laptop screen, cooking gas heat all can sensitise your skin. Remember to use moisturiser and omit the active night creams if you feel you have sensitive skin.

Don’t use the same products as combination skin changes with external and internal environment fill your skincare closet with a variety of products and keep enjoying the mix and match of these amazing products to keep your skin healthy.

Whenever starting a new product start using small quantities around the side of your face don’t introduce too many new products at one go.

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