All you need to know about the Anti Aging, Skin Care Routine

All you need to know about the Anti Aging, Skin Care Routine

Daily Skin Care Routine for Anti-Aging

5 Powerful Ingredients

Your skin represents your overall health face skin however represents more to just physical health it also speaks volumes about your emotional well being.

Skin care is beyond eating healthy and exercising daily you need to be using creams serums which nourish repair and protect your skin.

Your daily skin care routine must address these 3 essential steps nourishment repair and protection of your skin. Simplifying the mystery of skin health for you in the space below.

1.First and foremost you need to understand how to stimulate your skin cycle which gets sluggish as we mature in our skin. The dead layer of top skin surface are arranged in a very erratic pattern the crevices harbour bacteria pollutants dirt grime particles. Once the turn over increases it works like deep cleaning. Exfoliants play their key role hear mild glycolic acid will help to clean skin and make that rough surface smooth.

2. Retinol help to boost your collagen production stimulate collagen formation strengthen the top layers of skin prevents water loss prevents collagen degradation and protects skin from breakdown. As this one is very powerful ingredient for optimising skin health you need to understand how to use , you need to acclimatise your skin and prepare your skin in baby steps to reach a level of full dose for retinol . Start with small doses and less frequent applications slowly go up the ladder to daily application and higher 1% concentration.

3. hylauronic acid helps in healing your skin hydration levels go up skin inflammation goes down when you use HA regularly.HA stimulates your fibroblasts holds moisture in skin . When you use HA and vitamin c in combination they work like super heroes together protecting your skin from uv damage and repairing your skin from within.

Yes vitamin c is the most potent most effective most powerful to prevent photoaging and uv damage prevention of collagen breakdown promotes collagen synthesis decreases melanin formation.

Skin protection with correct spf is the step you cannot afford to miss. skin aging is due to extrinsic & intrinsic factors and sun exposure contributes 80% in extrinsic factors leading to rough patchy dull skin with skin thinning and pigmentation.